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An online typing job involves a typist inputting aggregated data into given spreadsheets, documents, or a customer’s machine generally using his typing skills. Online typing jobs are suitable for those who want to earn money sitting on their couch (home-based).

Covid-19 & Online Jobs

We all know that the COVID-19 situation has hastened the present trends in “remote work” or work from home. Millions of people have lost their jobs and some others have rapidly adjusted to work remotely (from home). So here’s an opportunity for everyone especially for students who want to stand on their feet without fading out of their parent’s sight.

Online Typing Jobs In Pakistan

Online Data-Entry Jobs In Pakistan 2021

With the high demand for working remotely, there is a sudden increase in the field of online work whether it’s an online typing job, visual designing, or app development. Online typing doesn’t need any functional skillset, if you know how to use Microsoft office then you are eligible for an online typing job. There are multiple online job-providing websites in Pakistan through which you can easily get an online job.

Authentic Websites Offering Online Typing Jobs In Pakistan

Online Typing Jobs In Pakistan 2021

If you are looking for an online job then you must visit and create an account on these top 10 websites. Some of them are operating internationally and some others are made by extraordinary Pakistani’s to serve their nation. Check out and I am sure you will not regret it.

    1. – Fiverr is an online marketplace that connects businesses with freelancer’s offering digital services in numerous categories.
    2. – Upwork strives to connect businesses with freelancers, self-governing talent, and companies around the globe.
    3. – is Pakistan’s #1 online career section that unites skills with opportunity. It is an initiative of Naseeb Networks Incorporation., which is a Silicon Valley original media company. 
    4. – is an online amazing site for job seekers. It is a one-stop site where anyone with any kind of skill can find a job according to his skillset or profession.
    5. PeoplePerHour – An online center of freelance expertise that encourages companies to outsource particular projects to remote workers when needed.
    6. – The world’s largest freelancing platform by the number of users and projects. Connects over 53K+ employers and freelancers globally.
    7. – Most reliable website to hire expert freelancers and find freelance professions online and get the task done. 
    8. – A leading jobs site with over 23k+ employers and more than one million existing and engaged web users.
    9. – Job site with over 240 million unique visitors every month. Connects job seekers with job providers.
    10. – Need a job? Trovit it. Hundreds of job opportunities are available for job seekers on Trovit. 

How Much You Can Earn Through An Online Typing Job?

You can earn 25k – 45k monthly. But these earnings roughly depend on some of the factors, like your typing speed, your knowledge about the given topic/data, or the company that is paying you to do an online job for them. These monthly earnings can vary from company to company.

Online Jobs Are Likely To Be More Preferable Than In-House Jobs

When you ask people why do they prefer online typing jobs, their frequent response would be that it would be a flexible and stress-free job to do so. According to a recent survey, many workers said that they are healthier, happier, and stress-free when they working from home. 

Online Typing Jobs Without Registration Fee

Below is the list of websites that are offering online typing and data entry jobs without any kind of registration fee. 


Special Note: These websites require no registration fee but charges can be applied according to the client and the project type.

Trusted And Secure Sites For Online Jobs

There are tons of websites on the internet that are proposing online typing jobs but it’s really hard to tell which website is trusted and secure for doing online jobs. However, you are smart enough to sense that. I mean if they are proposing that you can earn 50,000 monthly by dragging things then chances are high that they are fake and will probably rob you. A trusted company will only ask you to come to their office for an interview or they interview you on a video call.

Data Entry vs Online Typing

Online typing job requires online work in which the work will be given to the worker to input the text into a spreadsheet or specified document online.

The data entry job requires entering all the data into the firm computer for processing and administration. whether it’s an image, audio, or text. There are 2 main kinds of data entry jobs. The 1st one is an online data entry job and the other one is obviously an offline data entry job.

The difference between an online data entry job and an offline data entry job is that for online data entry work purposes you need an internet facility to work online. On the other hand, an offline data entry job doesn’t require an active internet to work. 

Typing Skill Matters

If you own excellent typing skills, a strong grasp on the accuracy, and most important capability to work under deadlines or pressure. A typing career can take you to a class of industries as managers in different departments hire typewriters for these positions.
A mediocre expert typist types normally at the rate of 43 to 80 wpm, while some other professional typists can type 80 to 95 wpm depending on their job type. On the other hand, some high-level typists also work at speeds of 120+ wpm.

Improve Your Typing Online

You can also test your typing skills online. They have multiple advanced English paragraphs and games also to improve your typing skills.

Online Typing Jobs In Pakistan 2021

Online typing job also consists of the daily production of articles, communication, and any other corporeality given and producing in a particular format. Now coming back to the point, if you have got an extraordinary understanding of typing then you can do this task and make money at per hour rate.

My Recommendations For Online Work Seekers

I recommend you to join freelancing platforms for any kind of online job. It requires some dedication and hard work but trust me it will save your time. We usually see a lot of online job posts on our social accounts and groups but sorry to say 90% of them are fake that’s why I recommend you to join the platforms that are mentioned below:



How can I make money by typing without any kind of investment? 

Answer: There are many jobs available without any investment which require one to three members to work online. Jobs like e-book typing jobs, document typing jobs, Microsoft word typing jobs, and Microsoft excel typing jobs.

Do online jobs pay?

Answer: There are multiple authentic online jobs available by which people are earning a great amount of money. Especially students are earning a fair amount of money by working online in their free time instead of wasting time on Facebook and other social platforms. 

Which online work is best?

Answer: There are some of the best works through which you can make good money online as you can teach online, you can be a personal trainer, email marketer, freelance writer, or proofreader.

Roughly estimate an earning through an online typing job?

Answer: In Pakistan, an average person with average knowledge can easily earn 25k monthly. Moreover, if your typing speed is good enough and your knowledge about the given topic or your field is also exceptional then you can easily earn 45k monthly.

If you are having any kind of difficulties finding an online job, drop a comment in the comment section below and our team will guide you personally.

How to Register Your Company in Pakistan?

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