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PTA Initiates Cybersecurity Awareness Week, Highlights Public Engagement: DG

Muhammad Mukaram Khan, Director General (DG) of Cyber Vigilance at the Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA), highlighted the importance of proactive measures in protecting digital lives, assets, and sensitive mobile data information during Cybersecurity Awareness Week.

In an interview with PTV news channel, Khan emphasized the significance of the awareness week, aimed at sharing the PTA’s cybersecurity expertise and success stories through social media campaigns. The goal is to contribute to the safety of the digital space, safeguarding both institutions and individuals from cybercrime.

As part of the awareness initiative, PTA encourages small to medium-sized businesses, individuals, and families to adopt strong passwords, enable multi-factor authentication, remain cautious of unsolicited messages, report them, and consistently update their software.

Khan stressed the need to address cyberbullying, phishing, online fraud, and safe social media practices, including privacy and personal data protection, within the campaign.

The Cybersecurity Awareness Week 2023, initiated by PTA, aims to enhance awareness among consumers associated with government and private organizations. The campaign, scheduled from December 18 to 24, will utilize PTA’s social media platforms to share bilingual content, such as GIFs, short videos, and static images, covering various cybersecurity topics over seven days.

This effort marks the initial phase of implementing the recently issued Cybersecurity Strategy for the Telecom Sector by PTA, ensuring a secure digital transformation journey. Khan reiterated the commitment to a safe, secure, and resilient digital future, extending support globally for this vision.

Addressing concerns about content sharing, Khan advised users to exercise caution when sharing content and protect personal information, especially when downloading unnecessary applications. He emphasized that information shared on social media, while taking only seconds, becomes a permanent part of the digital footprint and can be exploited for negative purposes. —APP

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