How to Play Fortnite Using Split-screen Feature?

Play Fortnite Using Split-screen Feature

Fortnite is one of the most playable online multiplayer games in the world. It has millions of downloads and is available for all OS platforms. You can play it on any OS and enjoy the amazing experience of an online multiplayer game.

Mostly people love to play online multiplayer games in Pakistan and Fortnite is also the most playable game in Pakistan as well as in the whole world.

It was basically launched for Xbox but later they launched it for all Operating Systems. It has amazing graphics, amazing features, and map stories.

Many people want to use the split-screen feature of the Fortnite game. But the good news comes after a long time for the fans of Fortnite game is that you can now use the split screen feature to play Fortnite game on Play Station 4 and Xbox.

It is one of the most awesome features in Fortnite to play games on Split screen with any other partner. This amazing and cool feature let you play the Fortnite game with your friend or any other family person at the same screen. It is a great way to enjoy with your friends and family to enjoy the same game on the same screen.

How to Active Split Screen Mode in Fortnite?

Here’s how you can start the split of Fortnite game:

  • 👉First of all, open the Fortnite game on your Play Station 4 (PS4) or Xbox.
  • 👉Now, go to the main menu.
  • 👉Now, connect the second controller to the console of Xbox or Play Station 4 and turn it on.
  • 👉When you connect the controller then you have to invite the other player to select their account.
  • 👉When the second player successfully signed in with his account then the second will appear in the lobby and the split-screen will automatically be activated on it.

Can we use the split screen mode of Fortnite on any other device OS?

No, you can use the split-screen mode of Fortnite on any other device OS, it is because mobile phones, Laptops, Nintendo Switch, or any other device is not eligible or not supportable. You can only use the split screen feature of Fortnite on Xbox and Play station 4 (PS4).


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