Payoneer Freezes All Prepaid Mastercard Cards amid Ongoing Wirecard Money Scandal

A fraud of counting has been charged on financial and payment service provider German company Wirecard AG. They claimed the accounting fraud of more than 1.3 billion euros for loans between June 30 to 1st of July.

The ex CEO of Wirecard AG Markus Braun has arrested due to huge accounting scandal. This news shocked the Payoneer account card holders.

German payment process and financial service provider, Wirecard UK has stopped all their operation until they received further notice from FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). Even they stopped all their activities including assets, funds and their regular activities. They are waiting for further order of FCA. Before this, FCA decision was to ensure users that they you will resolve this issue and protect money of users.

CEO of Payoneer said that the current situation of development creates a lot of issues and challenges for the users of Payoneer Prepaid Master card.       

There are many companies and freelancers in Pakistan, who uses Payoneer for International transactions.

Due to this situation there are a lot of people from all around the world are very angry and worried. We can understand their situations by their Tweets.

Scott Galit (current CEO) of Payoneer said that we are working and looking forward to resolve this issue. We are having a lot of users from all over the world, we do not want to disappoint them. We will solve this issue as soon as possible.

Payoneer to Cover Any Shortfalls and Allow Fund Withdrawals

According to some local new, Payoneer has decided to allow freelancers for the access of money transaction. Now, they aren’t waiting for the decision of United Kingdom’s Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) regarding this scandal. It means that users can now withdraw money from today.

Payoneer CEO Scott Galit said that:

We are going to make you feel relax regarding this scandal. We are working to resolve this issue, your funds are totally secure and we will regain all the funds to Payoneer account and allow you to use them. We decided to resolve the issue of users, so we are not waiting for FCA decision. Our main vision is to provide quality services to our customers and to fill this gap. We will back your 100% of your money.

He further said that we are providing access to users regarding funds frozen of 2 billion euro.

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