How to Move Windows 10 to SSD without Reinstalling OS?

Most of the people of Pakistan are using HDD (Hard Disk Drive) in their PCs or Laptops and this it makes our system slower. It is because the Data transfer rate is slower in an HHD drive and if you want to increase your PC or Laptop speed then we recommend you to use SSD (Solid State Drive). It will surely increase your computer speed as the data transfer rate of an SSD is much faster than compared of an HHD drive.

So, SSD is the best option for you, to increase your computer speed. But when you place SSD in your computer than you need to install the Window in it as well and it is very time taking. But there is another option for you that you can move Windows 10 to SSD and you don’t need to reinstall it in your SSD again.

It is not too difficult to move Windows 10 to SSD. We will help you in this article that how you can move Windows 10 from HSD to SSD. You can follow the steps given below and by following these steps you can transfer Windows 7, 8, or 10 to SSD.

Things You Need to Move Windows 10 to SSD

  1. A SSD Cable.
  2. Download Minitool Partition Wizard software.
  3. Better to create a Backup.
  4. Windows System repair disc (Optional).

Instantly Move Windows (7, 8, or 10) from HSD to SSD

Here’s how you can transfer Windows 10 to SSD directly and quickly:

  • Firstly, you need to connect the SSD with the SSD cable and another side with the Computer via a USB port.
  • Now, you have to download the “Mini Partition Wizard” software on your computer system. It has two versions paid and free, we recommend you download the free edition or version.
  • When you successfully download it to a computer then you have to install it on your computer.
  • Now launch the software in your system.
  • When you open the software then you need to click on the option of MiniTool Partition Wizard Free.
  • From there you will see your connected SSD.
  • Open it and delete all the partitions of your SSD. When you are done with it then click on Apply option.  
  • When you deleted all the partitions of your SSD than you need to click on the option of Migrate OS to SSD/HDD.
  • They will show you two options A and B, tap on option B.
  • Now, click on the Next option which will be on the lower right side of the screen.
  • Keep tapping next, until you reach to finish option.
  • After that, tap on Apply option will be on the top left corner.
  • When you choose to Apply option, it will start copying all the partitions and files.
  • They will ask you for a Reboot when the files are copied, so tap on the Reboot option.
  • When you click on the Reboot option a new screen will appear on your PC or Laptop, where you will see copying your data.
  • When you are done with it turn off your computer system.
  • Now, you have to remove the previous HHD drive from your computer.
  • Insert the SSD into your PC or Laptop.
  • When you are successfully done with it then turn your system on.
  • Now, you are done with it and migrate your HSD with SSD.

You will experience much more difference in the speed of your PC after inserting the SSD. In this way, you can move Windows 10 from HSD to SSD easily. All your previous data has been safely transferred to SSD now.

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