As we all know that it is very difficult to stand in the line just to get your National Identity Card or CNIC at NADRA office. Just because of this most people get late to make their CNIC. So, just to solve this query, NADRA launched its official web portal that can help you out to make your ID cards from your home and it is the easiest and fastest way.

Before this, NADRA launched this web portal that helps people to get their CNIC online but unfortunately, this service couldn’t stay a long time. In August 2015, NADRA had to stop this service as they can’t control the increasing demand of people to getting online CNIC.

After a year, they re-launched that web portal again and promise to succeed this time and now, they are doing very well.

Want to know the best part: This whole procedure is very simple, easy and time-saving. This is Amazing that NADRA has to receiving about 122406 applications so far. This web portal is not only for CNIC but also you can use it to make Pakistan Origin Card (POC), Family registration certificate, etc.

NADRA had made the whole difficult process in a very easy way. When you have successfully done with all the process of filling online form then you have to pay the required payment and you have to pay it through credit card. You will later receive your CNIC or ID card on the door-step.

How to Apply Online for CNIC

This is a very easy and simple method, you just need to click on this given link http://id.nadra.gov.pk/.

Then you have to submit details for your Application. NADRA has made this portal for all types of ID cards. Following are the types of ID cards that you can apply online.

You can get a new ID card if you are fresher and want to make new ID card.

If your ID card has been expired then you can renew it as well.

If you are oversea Pakistani then you can get a new Overseas ID card.

If any detail is missed in your ID card then you can modify or correct your ID card.

When you have chosen your required option then move forward for the next process.

The next process is of Required Documents and Application fee and it is based on the option you have chosen.

Documents Required for Online Application

This is a very important part. You need to provide your required documents and be very careful while giving document as they required genuine and valid documents. If your documents are fake then your Application will be rejected.

You can check the supporting documents by clicking on this link http://id.nadra.gov.pk/know-requirements/.

Each Application or ID card required different documents.eg. if you apply for Overseas ID card then you need to submit PASSPORT COPY and CRC and if you want to renew your ID card then you need to submit a Scanned Copy of CNIC.

This process is very easy. In fact, NADRA has made the whole difficult process easier for everyone.

Want to know the best part: this Web portal is for Mobile too. It means that you can also control everything by using your Smart Phones.

Prepare Documents for Online Process

NADRA provides you step by step guideline to prepare your documents. Even they will guide you about the limit of file size, picture type and its format, Naming Convention, etc., they will guide you with clear cut instructions just to make the process goes smoothly.

If you want to renew your ID card or want to change about your information written on it or any other situation. NADRA need some Documents etc. and that are the following:

  • Photo Capture
  • Fingerprints Capture
  • Form Filling
  • Document Upload

You can submit all your information http://id.nadra.gov.pk/download-guides/ here.

The Fee of Online CNIC Applications

Free of your Application is different and it depends on your chosen option that what type of CNIC option you selected before during the process.

Some of the Application fees are as follows:

Here are some of the Application fees. For more informations you can check NADRA official Website by clicking on giving link http://id.nadra.gov.pk/fee-details-cnic/.

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