Smoke billows over the Lebanese village of Meiss El-Jabbal near the border with Israel following Israeli bombardment

Israeli Airstrike Claims Three Lives in Southern Lebanon, Including Hezbollah Fighter

In an incident reported by state media, an Israeli air strike targeted a town along the south Lebanon border, resulting in the death of a Hezbollah fighter. The group disclosed on Wednesday that one of the fatalities was a member of its ranks.

The border region between Lebanon and Israel has witnessed heightened confrontations, primarily involving exchanges of fire between the Israeli military and Hezbollah, a close ally of Hamas. These incidents have intensified since the commencement of the Israel-Hamas conflict on October 7.

The strike occurred late in the evening, with Lebanon’s National News Agency reporting that “Enemy warplanes raided, before midnight (2200 GMT), a house… in the center of the town of Bint Jbeil,” situated approximately two kilometers from the border. The casualties included a man, identified as Ali Bazzi, his brother Ibrahim, and his wife Shourouk Hammoud.

Ibrahim Bazzi, who had recently arrived in Lebanon from Australia, where he had been residing for several years, intended to bring his wife Shourouk with him to settle in Australia, according to NNA. Another family member sustained injuries in the attack.

Hezbollah later confirmed that Ali Bazzi was a member of its fighting force.

While most clashes have been localized to the border area, Israel has occasionally conducted targeted strikes deeper into Lebanese territory. The Israeli military has been advocating for Hezbollah’s withdrawal north of the Litani River, approximately 30 kilometers north of the border.

On a separate occasion, Israel’s military reported that a missile fired by the Iran-backed militant group caused injuries to nine soldiers as they were aiding a civilian wounded in a previous strike.

Since the initiation of hostilities, over 150 individuals on the Lebanese side have lost their lives, predominantly comprising Hezbollah combatants, along with more than a dozen civilians, including three journalists, as per an AFP tally. On the Israeli side, military figures indicate the loss of at least four civilians and nine soldiers since October 7.

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