Iran holds first democratic election

Iraq Conducts Initial Provincial Elections in a Decade

The electoral process sets the groundwork for the parliamentary elections slated for 2025 BAGHDAD: Commencing on Monday, Iraq initiated voting in its first provincial council elections in ten years. The ruling Shiite Muslim alliance is poised to maintain its hold on power, despite a boycott by the prominent cleric Moqtada Al-Sadr, a key political adversary.

The elections lay the foundation for the parliamentary elections scheduled for 2025, which will play a decisive role in shaping the power dynamics of a nation where factions with connections to Iran have gained political influence in recent years.

The last local elections occurred in 2013 and were subsequently postponed due to the conflict against Daesh militants, who seized significant portions of Iraq but were ultimately defeated. Sadr’s Shiite opponents, who thwarted his attempt to establish a government following his victory in the 2021 parliamentary polls, are expected to dominate most local councils, particularly in the predominantly Shiite southern provinces.

This outcome would further solidify the authority of the ruling Shiite alliance, known as the Coordination Framework, which has close ties to Iran. This deepening of influence comes through access to the nation’s oil wealth, earmarked for investment in local projects and services. Already constituting the largest parliamentary bloc after the withdrawal of Sadr’s party members, the alliance is set to strengthen its position.

Voting is underway in 15 out of Iraq’s 18 provinces, where 285 council members are being selected. Their responsibilities include appointing influential provincial governors and overseeing local administration. Elections in Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdistan region, comprising three provinces, are anticipated to occur next year.

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