How to Install PTCL Smart TV App On your PC – DSL Configuration

Here’s your quick guide to installing PTCL Smart TV App on your PC

PTCL has now launched a smart tv app for its consumers in Pakistan along with some interactive features. If you own a 4Mbps or above connection, you can get this Smart tv app for free. This PTCL app enables you to watch 120+ live channels just available at your fingertips. Instantly watch favorite shows and live videos with your loved ones.

The PTCL app provides you with an astonishing multimedia space to watch and record your preferred live streaming of online channels on your PC. Even if you don’t have installed a tv tuner or a capture card on your pc. Browse various categories to get the channels you want to watch and strain them using the tree menu.

PTCL smart tv app is also available in the market for Android on the play store, iOS on the app store, as well as for PC. Today I will give you a brief guide on how to install and Use PTCL Smart TV App on your PC.

3 Main Things To Consider Before Installing a PTCL Smart TV App:

  1. First of all, you must own a 4 Mbps DSL connection. It doesn’t matter if your connection is fiber or copper-based.
  2. You must have a smart TV application subscription. If you don’t have a subscription call on PTCL helpline 1218 to get subscribed.
  3. After a successful subscription, your DSL downstream rate will boost up to 2 Mbps. Like if you have a connection of 4 Mbps and then your DSL downstream rate will get 4 + 2 = 6 Mbps.

Now let’s dive into the guide on how to Install and Use the PTCL Smart TV App On your PC.

Step-by-step Guide to install PTCL App in pc

  • Download the Smart TV app zip file from the internet by using your favorite browsers like google chrome or Firefox.
  • After downloading the zip file, you will have to extract it to install the smart TV app on your pc.
  • After installing it, you will have to configure it. Move towards the sign-in option that’s available in the top right corner.
  • Sign in to the app using your username and password.
  • But if you are not registered then you have to register yourself up first. And for this purpose, you will have to install “BrowserPluginHelper” along with a browser extension named “BrowserPluginHelper”.
  • After that, click the download button and wait for a few seconds to complete the download.
  • There may be a security check once your download is finished. 2 options will appear on your screen. Click on the “Keep” option and proceed.
  • Go to the Downloads folder on your pc and run the downloaded file as an administrator to start the installation method.
  • After completion of the installation process. Click on the finish option to finish the method.
  • Again open your desired browser and go to the sign-in page.
  • Sign in with your username and password.
  • You are successfully signed in. Enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies on your pc through PTCL smart TV app.

PTCL help manual for PC/Laptop users of Smart TV App.

Features of PTCL Smart TV PC application:

PTCL Smart TV PC application is a complete package of entertainment and fun. This app consists of several features that are mentioned below:

  • 120+ TV channels
  • Time Shift TV
  • TV on demand
  • Personal movie recorder
  • Multiple movie genres
  • Drama series
  • Sports
  • Kids show
  • HD documentaries and much more

By following all these steps you can install PTCL smart TV app and enjoy the unlimited.

Upgrade your PTCL internet package with the help of our guide.

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