How to Move Pictures From your Mobile Phone to SD Card?

Move Pictures From your Mobile Phone to SD Card

We always wanted to have a phone that allows unlimited storage but unfortunately, this is not possible. The given storage will never be able to satisfy us. But luckily, many Android mobiles have the option to extend the storage by using a micro SD card.

Not every mobile supports microSD cards just like Google Pixel. If your mobile phone allows a microSD card then you can easily extend your mobile storage. By this, you can easily capture more pictures, and add more movies, music, and many more.

When the mobile storage is full then due to this your mobile will get slowdown. If you have a good amount of space in your mobile then the performance of your mobile will also become better.

How to Transfer Images from Android Internal Storage to SD Card?

Transferring data to an SD card will provide you with many benefits if you want to change your mobile then you can easily change your mobile without any issue of data transferring to another mobile because all your data will be in an SD card you just need to input SD card to another device. There are many other benefits like it will provide you backup, secure your data, and many others.

To move your files of internal storage to a microSD card then you need to use your phone option of File manager.

  • Simply, open the file manager (My Files, Files) on your device.
  • When you opened the file manager then you will see two options there SD card and Internal Storage.
  • Tap on the option of Internal storage.
  • When you open the internal storage option then you have to find the option of DCIM and tap to open it.
  • After that, you will see the icon/option/File of the Camera there. You need to long-press it or select the Camera option or file.
  • Now, in the top right corner there will be three dot icons, tap them and you will see the edit option there. Just click on it.
  • After that, you will see different options but you need to find and click on the Move option. When you are done then go back to the Home or My files menu and then tap on the SD card option to open it.
  • When you open the SD card option then find and tap on the DCIM folder or if you want to add any other folder then you can create a new folder.
  • Open that folder and press the Done option there so that your selected photos can transfer to that folder.

In this way, you can easily transfer each and every type of picture to your SD card.

How to Transfer Files from Android Internal Storage to SD Card?

You can also transfer all the files including PDFs, documents, and many other types of files to an SD card. This will let you save all of your files for the future. If you mistakenly reset your mobile then you don’t have to worry about this, if you already transferred files to an SD card.

To move your files to an SD card then you need to go following steps:

  • Open the My Files or File manager option on your mobile.
  • When you open it then you will see different options or categories there. You need to find the option of Documents there and open it.
  • After opening Documents, click on the three vertical dots that will be available on the top side.  
  • When you are done with it then choose the option of Move.
  • Now, go back to the home page of My files and open the SDcard option. When you open it then you need to select the file (where you want to move them) and paste them there by clicking on Move Here or paste option.

In this way, you can share every file and folder. If you want to move music or video then you can move them as well.

Changing the Camera storage to an SD card

Moving images and video from your internal storage to an SDcard take a lot of time. You need to do a long process to do so. But there is another option for you all the captured pictures and videos will save directly to your SD card.

Here’s how you can do it.

  • Turn on the camera in your mobile and option the option settings there that will look like the gear option.
  • After that, find the option of storage there.
  • Now select the option of SD that will be under the Shooting methods option.

By doing this, all the captured videos and pictures will automatically save on your SD card and will not affect your mobile storage.

You can clean up your mobile storage by deleting unused apps from your mobile and also free up your space by deleting unnecessary files and junk files.

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