How to invest in the Pakistan stock exchange [Complete Guide]

How to invest in the Pakistan stock exchange?

If performed with the right technique and technology, the stock market can turn up to be a highly profitable business for anyone. In today’s article, we will try to deliver to you all the general details on how to invest in the Pakistan stock exchange.

What is a stock exchange?

The stock market is also known as a public market that exists for selling, issuing, and buying stocks that trade on the over-the-counter or on a stock exchange. A stock exchange is a place where you can exchange or trade stocks. You can buy shares from different firms and industries, and after that use them for investing and sell them again, in return make a profit.

How does the stock market work?

The idea behind how the stock market run is pretty easy. Working much like an auction house, the stock market enables sellers and buyers to make trades and negotiate prices.

Companies index shares of their stock on an exchange through a method called an IPO or initial public offering. Investors buy those shares, which permits the company to increase money to utilize its business. Investors can then sell and buy these stocks with one another, and the exchange tracks the demand and supply of each listed stock.

The supply and demand help identify the price of each security or the levels at which stock market traders, investors, and participants are inclined to sell or buy.

How to invest in the Pakistan stock exchange in pakistan
How to invest in the Pakistan stock exchange in pakistan

Types of investment in the stock market:

Normally you can make 2 types of investments in the Pakistan stock market.

Short-term investment: In short-term investment, the investors sell and buy shares on a regular basis liable upon the market value. Such trades are known as daily trades.

Long-term investment: In the long-term investment, the dealers keep their shares for plenty of time till the prices touch their peak so that they can get the most profit.

Conditions to invest in the Pakistan stock exchange

You have to open a brokerage account if you want to invest in the Pakistan stock exchange. For a Pakistani resident who is living in Pakistan, you will need a funded Pakistani bank account along with national identification documents that verify your identity.

For non-resident foreign nationals or overseas Pakistanis, specific conditions needed to be met before making an investment in the Pakistan stock exchange. They should first need a Pakistani bank account.

Things to know before opening a brokerage account

A brokerage account is used to sell and buy stocks, and mutual funds. Bonds, index funds, exchange-traded funds, real estate investment trusts, foreign currencies, and so on.

Regulation and exchange membership

It is vital for the brokers that invest in the Pakistan stock exchange to have a TREC. This certificate allows traders to execute trades.

Trading platform

An online trading platform assists the broker to examine the market using indicators and price charts. Such a trading platform is important to place orders on the stock exchange.


Examining the market is the ticket to being successful at stock trading. Access to other information and market research is very useful in such aspects.

How to be a successful investor?

Successful investors explained stock trading as a tricky game of discipline and strategy. The stock market is vastly dynamic and complex, so you have to exercise clear judgment, and strict discipline, do your homework, and set firm goals and limits. Most often the best thing you can do is discipline, confidence, and exercise patience.

You need to keep your mind clear, stay calm and focus. You cannot ever blindly bet that stock price will go down or go up. You have to be well informed and make sell-or-buy decisions based on logic and facts.

Intuition also plays a vital role in investing. Excellent intuition comes from sound and experienced judgment. You cannot think of yourself as a winner when you start earning a profit, if you become greedy and lose focus you can lose your money in a moment. To become a successful investor just learn well from why you lose money and don’t quit easily. Listen closely to trading tips and talk with your friends.

Benefits of investing in the Pakistan stock exchange

Capital gain

Major rise in stock prices can get you a maximized pot aspects profit than your capital. As stock prices depend daily, this could be a very good long-term investment plan.

Shareholder benefits

Many companies in the shareholder market sectors offer free services and discounts to their shareholders. If you own a meaningful number of shares of a company, then with buying goods, you will be offered exceptional discounts.


At the end of every financial year, a divide of company profit called the dividend is paid to its shareholder with cash. The more profit you will earn by owning more shares at the end of every financial year.


The next good thing about shares is their liquidity. They can be easily sold and bought without having the need to buy the complete product so it is a mutually beneficial situation for brokers if they sell their shares at the correct profitable time.


Why do investors buy shares?

Researches have shown that over 20 years of span, investment in shares has delivered great returns than most other sorts of savings. Shares can benefit you with a constant stream of income through dividends along with the potential for your investment to increase in value.

If the share prices go up, you can sell them for more than you cost. This is known as capital gain.

What are dividends?

Dividends are returned and paid to shareholders out of the gain of the company. Returns can be in form of extra shares known as bonus shares or in form of cash. Dividends are usually paid one time or twice a year.

What are the things I should know about before buying a stock?

Before buying shares you should be well aware of questions like what does the company do? Is the company beneficial? What is the company earning’s outlook and history? How wealthy is the company’s stock value? Who are the competitors? Who runs the company? And what is the company annual report?

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