How to Install Latest Fonts in Window 10?

Install Latest Fonts in Windows 10

Installing fonts in Windows 10 is just a game of some clicks, if you come to know these clicks then you can easily install them and also delete the fonts which you know will never be in your use.

Download the fonts from the Microsoft store and for the further process, I will tell you how to install these fonts.

Open the Control Panel

Write control panel in the window search bar and then click on control panel.

After open the control panel you have to follow the second step that I would told you.

Select the Appearance and Personalization

In the end, select the fonts

You can install these fonts very simply by right-clicking on the font file there is an install option and then you can easily install these fonts or you can install them by simply dragging the fonts file into the window font.

By using the drag and drop method

You can install these fonts by dragging your downloaded file from the Microsoft store and drop into in the windows font.

Whereas you can also delete these fonts which you never want to be used.  By following this process there is also a delete option in the fonts and you can permanently delete your selected fonts.

This is the best way to install fonts in Windows 10 which is quite simple. By following the process that I have presented to you then you can easily install your favorite fonts. 

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