How to File an FIR Online in Pakistan?

Pakistan is one of the biggest countries in the world and every type of person lives in Pakistan. Every country has every type of society and Pakistan also has good and bad people. Sometimes they become criminals and it’s our first and most duty to stand against crime.

If you saw someone who is doing any crime or if someone is doing something bad with you then you can file FIR report about him.

What is FIR?

FIR stands for First Information Report. It is basically an identifiable crime that is registered in a police station. It is a written document that is prepared by police when they get any information about a cognizable crime on someone’s behalf. Any citizen of Pakistan can file an FIR in written or oral form.

What are cognizable and Non-cognizable offenses?

A cognizable offense is a crime for which police don’t need any court order or any arrest warrant from the court. They can arrest the criminal on their own. They are also allowed to start the investigation with the criminal without any order from the court.

A non-cognizable offense is one where police can’t take any action on their own. They need proper permission from the court and an arrest warrant to arrest the criminal from the court. They cannot start an investigation without the permission of the court.

Why FIR is important?

An FIR is a very important document as helps people to get their rights or it also helps people to stop crime in society. It also sets the process of criminal justice in motion.

According to Articles 21, 22, 23, 25, 49, and 50 of Qanoon-e-Shahadat Order 1984, FIR is a relevant fact

How to File FIR Online in Pakistan?

Everyone can file FIR in Pakistan. The process of filing an FIR in Pakistan is very easy. Here’s how you can file an FIR in Pakistan:

  • First of all, you need to go to the nearest police station in your city. You can also visit the Police Kidmat center in your city.
  • When you go to the police station then there you need to give your statement regarding the crime to the police officer.
  • Then the police officer will write down the details that you tell him.
  • When the police officer had written down all the information then he will show you your statement for verification.
  • If all the information in FIR is recorded successfully then you need to sign on the FIR for the verification that all the written data in FIR is as per your given details.
  • If you can’t sign then you can also be left a thumb impression on the document.
  • When are done with it then you filed FIR successfully, make sure to take an FIR copy with you.

What do you need to mention in FIR?

You need to mention the following information in FIR:

  • You need to write your full name and address.
  • You also have to write the date, time, and location of the incident that you are reporting.
  • Also, you need to mention the truth about the incident, and if the use of a weapon then mentions it as well.
  • You can also mention the name of persons who are involved in the incident.
  • If you know any witness’s name then you also have to write the name and address of the witness there.

Things you should not do while Filing FIR:

  • Never ever file a false complaint in FIR.
  • Never provide the wrong information to the police.
  • Never exaggerate or distort truths.
  • Never submit an unclear statement.
  • The person who refuses to sign on the statement that he made can be prosecuted under section 180 of the Pakistan Penal Code, 1860.

How to File FIR Online?

You can also report the incident online but it is only available for the people who live in KPK province. Here’s how you can do that:

  • First of all, go to the KPK police official website by clicking on the link
  • There you need to click on the option of Online FIR.
  • Now, need to enter all the question there about personal information and incident information.
  • When you provide all the information then simply submit the form.
  • After that, you will get an ID to track the investigation process.

Who can Lodge the FIR?

It is not necessary that only victims can lodge the FIR. Everyone can lodge an FIR if he knows the crime. If anyone committed a crime then everyone can lodge the FIR. Police officers can also file FIR if they know of any crime.

Who can file FIR? If you are the victim of the crime then you can file an FIR or if you are the witness of the scene during the crime then you can also file FIR.

You can easily report the crime at any Police station in the city. If the police offer is not to register your FIR then he is also against the law. You can contact DPO (District Police Officer), CCPO (Capital City Police Officer), or any other higher rank police officer.

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Why Police is not investigating the case?

If your case is not investigating by the police then it can be because of the following issue:

  • The case that you registered is not serious in nature.
  • You did not provide all the required information about the case.
  • There is not much scope for the investigation.
  • Might be they are busy solving cases of very serious crime.

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