How to Delete and Reinstall Games on your Xbox One?

Xbox one models come in a very attractive space. Both modes of Xbox one (Xbox one S and Xbox One X) come in a very attractive memory space of 500 GB or 1 Tb. It means that you have a lot of space to install games on Xbox one. But when we talk about the external hard of Xbox then its space will be full soon.

When it becomes full then it is impossible to install any other game on that drive. If you want to install any other game then the only option you have to do is to uninstall the previous game and install the new one.

How to delete games on Xbox One, and reinstall

But what if we don’t like the new game and want our previous game back?

If you don’t like the new game then you can easily reinstall the previous game. But there are a lot of people who don’t know how they can delete the previous game or reinstall the game but don’t worry we will tell you about this.

How to delete or install a game from Xbox one?

Want to know the best thing: When you delete any game from Xbox one then it is reversible which means if you uninstall any game from Xbox one to download another one then it will allow you to reinstall the previous game.

Here’s how you can delete or install the game from Xbox one.

  • 👉First of all, turn on the Xbox.
  • 👉Now, press the Xbox button on your controller.
  • 👉Now, click on the d-pad option to see my app and games. 
  • 👉Simply, tap on button A, so that you can open apps and games.
  • 👉If you want to delete any game then tap on the game option otherwise tap on the apps option if you want to delete apps.
  • 👉Now, press the right to the d-pad.
  • 👉Highlight the game you want to delete by using the d-pad.
  • 👉When you highlighted the game you want to delete then you have to press ☰ the button that will be available on the controller.
  • 👉Now, tap on the manage game option using the d-pad.
  • 👉Open the game management screen by tapping the A button.
  • 👉Now, choose to uninstall all options by using the d-pad.
  • 👉Now, tap on the A button.
  • 👉You will see the option to Uninstall all, simply, highlight it by using the d-pad.
  • 👉Now, tap on this option to uninstall the games by tapping on the A button.

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How to Reinstall Games after Deletion?

You can still reinstall the games even after deletion, it is because when you delete it will only delete from the console but you still having them. It is like you send them to in recycle bin and you can restore them. Here’s how you can reinstall all the games you deleted.

  • Go to the home page of Xbox one.
  • Now, open My Apps and Games.
  • There you will see the option of Ready to install, simply click on it.
  • Now, you need to choose the option of previously uninstalled apps.
  • Now, simply select the option to install now.

In this way, you can easily reinstall the deleted games from your Xbox one.

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