WhatsApp Add New Feature Now you can create a room in WhatsApp

Learn How to Create a Chat Room in WhatsApp and add Participants

WhatsApp always attracts people with its amazing features and they launched many useful features for users. Due to quarantine, many people have to attend online meetings and many students have to take online classes on the Best video calling apps like zoom, etc. But sometimes these apps aren’t available for us.

WhatsApp will never disappoint us and they are going to launch a new feature named messenger Room. It will allow you to use the feature that was recently launched by Facebook (Messenger Room) directly from WhatsApp. This feature will give tough competition to Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, and many other video conferencing apps.

Messenger room is available for every user now in the world. Anyone, who is having the updated version of messenger and WhatsApp can use this feature. Recently, Facebook announced the news that WhatsApp users can directly use the Messenger Room feature and WhatsApp users can directly have group calls with their friends on Facebook.

What are Messenger Rooms?

It is a new feature of Facebook that is for video conferencing as Facebook doesn’t want to concede the video conferencing space to zoom. So, Facebook decided to make a new feature to stay within the Messenger app.

Messenger room is similar to Zoom, Skype, and other video conferencing apps. Facebook further said that these rooms will come on Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook portals.

WhatsApp Messenger Rooms Availability

WABetaInfo reports said that the WhatsApp Messenger Room option is already now available for some WhatsApp users. This feature will available for those who are running Whatsapp messenger version According to the report, this version of the beta is updated and the latest version of WhatsApp. The shortcut of Messenger Room is also added to some of the country’s users and will be available for users from all around the world.

How many people can add to WhatsApp Messenger Room?

Facebook officials said that “There is no time limit in Rooms and you can add up to 50 participants at a time.” Want to know the best thing: You can easily create a room using messenger for free.

How to create a Room?

Here’s how you can create the Room on WhatsApp for the conference calls.

The WhatsApp Room shortcut icon will available in the attachment picker.

  • 👉Firstly, open the attachment picker options.
  • 👉Now, there you will see the separate option of “Room”.
  • 👉To start the chat, just click on the Room icon.
  • 👉After clicking on the feature it will first introduce this feature. You simply have to Tap on Continue.

In this way, you can make a call and create a Room on Whatsapp. You can now add as many participants as you want. But you cannot add more than 50 participants.



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