How To Check Which Number Is Registered On My CNIC:

Do you want to know how many SIMs are registered at your CNIC?- If so, then this content is quite related to you where you will easily find how many SIMs are registered against your CNIC.

Nowadays it is very important for all users to check the number registered in their names and which SIMs are in their use. Most people forget how many SIMs are registered at their CNIC and who is using their registered SIM.

First of all, confirm how many SIMS are registered then instantly block your SIMS if you don’t know who is using your Sim. It is not safe for you because the user who is using your name-registered SIM may be doing any criminal activities. So, check now your registered SIMs.

With that’s all let’s dive in to know how many SIMs are registered on my CNIC.

How to Check the Number Registered Against Your CNIC?

Here you can find two ways to check your number of registered SIMs. Both are the easiest and quickest ways to know registered network SIMs in your name.

  1. Through Website
  2. Through Mobilephone

Through Website:

The user can find out the way by clicking on the site. Enter the required information and find out the number of registered SIMs at your CNIC.

Make sure you have entered the correct CNIC number before the hit on the submit button.

Check the Number of registered SIMS Through Mobile Phone:

Now users can easily check from the mobile number which SIMs are registered in their names. it is the simplest to check registered SIMs and it is done in seconds. The user just has to enter their CNIC number in a message box and send it to the “668”. You will know instantly which network SIMs are registered on your CNIC. After receiving the message, if you found any correction then you can call or visit related network customer care service.


Can I check any number with their registered name?

No, you can’t check the registered number of any user because the networks don’t allow the user privacy to share with anyone.

How many SIMs can be registered against one CNIC?

Only 5 SIMS are allowed to register against any CNIC and 3 data SIMs are also allowed.

Can I know registered CNIC SIMs from the same network helpline?

Yes, the user can call anytime to the helpline number and know the same network registered SIMs against their CNIC. You can call at following helpline number related to your SIM network.

OperatorsHelpline number

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