How To Change Mobile IMEI Number Without Root or With Root:

Change Mobile IMEI Number

Why do you need to change the IMEI number?– If you are interested to know how to change the IMEI Number of your mobile phone without rooting or with root then stay with us you will definitely find your way.

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity which is unique for every mobile number. This identity shows the origin and manufacture of your device. Now the user can change the identity of their mobile in a just few simple steps. But the main concern is that how is the user changing the IMEI number with rooting or without rooting.

Let’s first discuss the advantages and disadvantages to change the 15-digit IMEI number and then take your decision that you should go for it or not.

Check Your Mobile IMEI Number:

Dial *#06# to know the Mobile ID, Moreover, you can also check from your mobile back or from its box.

Advantages Of Changing IMEI Number:

When you find that is someone is keeping an eye on your every moment even they can trace your mobile then you must go for the safe side. Here you will find plenty of options to change the mobile identity number but now read out the benefits of this purpose.

  • If you change the Identity of your mobile nobody can’t trace your mobile
  • Obtaining a completely new mobile ID
  • Similarly, if you found some problems updating your mobile with the latest version then you can easily update your mobile by changing the identity.

Disadvantages of changing the IMEI Number:

If you change your mobile identity then you can face a lot of issues related to your mobile. Let’s check out what issues can you face after changing the identity number.

  • If you change the mobile identity number, basically you are changing the ownership of this device. due to any reason you lost your mobile or found by issue then you can’t claim the company.
  • It is not legal in some countries because changing the mobile ID means you are using someone others property
  • When you change your mobile ID it could be worst-case means your device can be damaged during this process and no one will be responsible except you

Now move on to its further process of changing the IMEI Number through step by step process.

Method 1:

How To Change IMEI Number With Root?

In this process, the user first has to root their mobile and then go for the download of the following apps to smoothly do the process.

  • Xposed IMEI Changer App
  • Xposed Installer APK

Step1: Make sure your phone has been rooted

Step2: Now open your phone dialer and dial *#06# code to know the IMEI number of your device. Write it down on your notebook or your PC system

Step3: After that install, the Xposed IMEI changer app in your device

Step4: Now install the Xposed Installer APK app and go to the Modules then checkmark the IMEI changer app option.

Step5: Reboot your device as usual or you can also reboot from the exposed installer app

Step6: After that in the exposed installer app, change your current IMEI number and enter your desired number then click on the save changes button.

Step7: To confirm your save changes restart your device and dial *#06# to check your device’s new ID.

Method 2:

How to change the IMEI number without rooting:

Changing the mobile ID is the tough one but changing the mobile ID without rooting is an interesting thing. Because it is a very complex procedure compared to the first one. Let’s see the step-by-step procedure to change the Android mobile number without rooting.

Step1: First open your Android device settings module

Step2: Find backup & reset in your settings and click on it

Step3: After that on the next menu, find the factory dataset and reset then tap on it

Step 4: You will get the notification. Now click on the Create Android random New ID and save the changes.

Method 3:

How to change the IMEI number through MTK APP:

changing the mobile ID is the thought the MTK is a simple process. Just follow the below-mentioned steps you can easily do this process.

Step1: Download Mobile Uncle App on your Android device

Step2; After installing the app open your device

Step3; Now select the Engineer tab and tap on the Engineer Mode (MTK) option

Step4; After that find the CDS information option and click on it

Step5; Now click on the radio information option

Step6; The two options will be shown on your mobile screen phone 1 and phone 2, choose the phone 2 option for you

Step7; After that, you will find the AT+ option

Step8; Now replace the AT+ with AT+ space 15-digit IMEI number

For example AT+ 987654321234567

Step9; Now tap on the send at command and save your changes

Final Words:

Here you have all it guys. I hope that the information I have provided to you will be quite helpful in changing the IMEI identity. If you have any queries about this content feel free and just ask in a comment box. I would be pleased to assist you.

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