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The best way to download Udemy courses for free in 2023

Are you looking for a way to download Udemy courses free? We’ll tell you how.

You can download videos from Udemy’s mobile app to watch them offline. In most circumstances, mobile courses cannot be downloaded from computers. Students sometimes have the option to download lectures from their teachers, but this is exceptionally rare.

You have the chance to improve your skills at this time. Then you can use Udemy to learn something new or if you prefer, you can download Udemy courses for free.

You will learn in this article how to download Udemy Courses in quick ways. You will also be told about sites where you can acquire free, paid Udemy courses.

Udemy course free download tips

Udemy: what is it all about?

Massive Open Online Courses (M.O.O.C.) are courses that are freely available online and created and promoted by anyone. In addition to earning credit for technical certifications, users can also improve their job abilities by taking courses.

More than 10 million students have studied on Udemy’s 40,000 courses. There is a tuition fee associated with enrolling in courses; the amount is determined by the instructor. Your course will be available for life after you purchase it.

Is it possible to download Udemy courses for free without purchasing them?

Courses offered by Udemy can be divided into two types. Those are

  1. Paid courses
  2. Free courses

You must pay money for a paid course if you wish to learn from it. In contrast, if you have enrolled in a free course, you are not required to pay anything to download the course from Udemy.

You should also know that the latest websites and methods can also be used to download courses without paying money. Through these methods, you can download courses that are typically paid for.

Udemy free course download

What is the point of downloading videos from Udemy?

Video learning is a requirement for the course you’ve enrolled in. Some places have slow networks, so watching videos online is impossible. Buffering can also irritate you when watching videos online. Therefore, downloading videos to the PC or phone will eliminate these issues.

Here’s how to download Udemy Courses & Videos For Free

1.  Using Udemy’s built-in download option, you can easily download videos from Udemy for free

There is an option to download Udemy videos & courses directly on the site itself if you don’t want to use another app. I found it to be one of the easiest methods for doing so.

Another great feature is that the original video quality is preserved.  In the case of video clips captured at 1080p, for instance, they will be saved as they are on your local drive.

You cannot download all videos, unfortunately. Find out below you can find how to download Udemy videos from the built-in download option.


  • Type the URL of Udemy’s official website and sign in with your account. Login | Udemy
  • You must already be registered or have paid for the course or video that you wish to view.
  • At the bottom right corner of the video, click the “Gear” icon. The “Download Lecture” option will appear on the menu.
  • You will now see a pop-up menu with the Download Lecture option.
  • After the video has been downloaded, it can be viewed by any multimedia player available on your computer, such as the VLC player.

2.  Get Udemy videos by recording on Windows/Mac

With screen grabber premium, you can record Udemy videos as well as download them. The tool records the entire screen on your Mac and Windows computer, allowing you to easily capture any activity on the screen.

In addition, it can incorporate either the microphone or the system sound. This tool also allows you to add annotations while recording, such as arrows, texts, and lines. A great tool when you’re recording a video lesson on Udemy to point out important points.

Here you can find the steps for downloading Udemy videos using this recorder:


  • You need to install screen grabber premium.
  • Start the application after the installation is complete and choose the video recording option.
  • The top left part of the recording toolbar will allow you to choose the video mode of your choice.
  •  To record a screen, just click on the REC button on the right side.
  • You can record the Udemy video by playing it first.
  • If you wish, you can add annotations and comments during the video.
  • Now save the video. After you are done, click ‘Stop’.

3.  By using the Udemy Firefox/Chrome extension, you can download courses from Udemy

Try video DownloadHelper if you need to download Udemy courses for free. It is a lightweight Udemy video downloader. Popular with Chrome Video Downloader  (hyperlink) and Firefox browsers.

You can download as many videos as you want using the extension, as it takes less than 1MB of your storage. Udemy courses are available for free via the extension. When it detects Udemy videos, the icon will light up.

In addition, Udemy videos can be downloaded in high definition, up to 60 frames per second.


  • It is important to make the right choice regarding both the format and the quality.
  • To download the video, start playing it. It will be saved on your computer and can be viewed later.

4.  Download using the Udeler Udemy course downloader

The Modeler desktop application enables you to download Udemy courses for free. It is open source and cross-platform. Udemy courses are much easier to learn with this tool.

Using the application, you can download the courses to your desktop and store them in your downloads folder.

The course content is kept in its original structure by Modeler. It offers other useful features, such as letting you choose your preferred video quality, downloading multiple courses together, and choosing where to download your files.


  • Fill in your Udemy credentials to log in to your account.
  • Click on the video you want to download and choose it. Click on the settings tab to choose the quality.

5.  Download Udemy videos using Allavsoft

For a long time, Allavsoft has been developing video downloaders. These tools include direct downloads of music and videos.

Allavsoft also offers batch video downloads.

User guide

  • Download and install the Allavsoft application.
  • Press CTRL+C and CTRL+V to copy and paste the URL of the course you wish to download.
  • Select the format of the output you expect.
  • On the main interface, click the download icon.

Note: There is no free version of Allavsoft, but it works just the same as any other method.

6.   Download Udemy courses using IDM ( internet download manager)

A software program or a movie can be downloaded from the Internet using IDM.

You can also download Udemy courses from IDM. Use your Udemy credentials in Google Chrome to download the Udemy courses. Above the video player, you’ll see an option to download videos in IDM.


  • Install IDM on your PC/computer. Internet Download Manager: The fastest download accelerator
  • It is simple and straightforward to play the video of your choice by logging in to your Udemy account, as it is with any other method.
  • If you look at the right-hand side of your screen, you will now see the download icon.
  • Start the download by clicking on the MP4 file. The video will now be saved wherever you wish.


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Final words

You can download your videos in a few easy different ways, can’t you?

You can view your videos while you are on a bus, in a moving vehicle, at school, or in any other location without an internet connection by using any of the methods listed above. By downloading Udemy courses for free.

Your video can also be shared with colleagues, classmates, and friends, and you can learn something new each day. You can use it when you don’t have Internet access at school.

Your video can also be shared with colleagues, classmates, and friends, and you can learn something new each day.

Additionally, keep in mind that learning never ends, so just sign up for Udemy and learn about a wide variety of interesting topics.

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