How to Delete all Messages and Conversations in Facebook Messenger

Delete all Messages and Conversations in Facebook Messenger

Many people want to delete FB chat, the reasons may be different, it is all up to the user. Message deleting on Facebook is not easy as compared to deleting your sim text or emails. It is because FB keeps the history of your messages and Facebook chat save.

If you want to delete your messages on Facebook then you have to open each message one by one, then from the option, you have to select those messages that you want to delete. It will take a lot of time if you have many conversations.

There is another way as well, just delete all the messages from your inbox. This is not a permanent method of removing messages because when the person sends you a message again, it will reappear as the deleted will be archived.

Here is the complete guide the Facebook messages in a slow and fast way.

Deleting Facebook messages

Slow Method

In this method, one by one you have to select each message and send them to the archive. In this way, messages will disappear from your inbox but they will not delete permanently and reappear when someone sends you a new message.

You have to open every message separately one by one for deleting FB messages. Now, press the action option and then click on delete messages there.

After that, there will be two options Delete all and Delete selected. If you want to delete all messages then click on Deleted all otherwise delete selected.

Fast Method

With this method, you can delete all your FB messages in a fast way. You need to use the Facebook Fast Delete Messages extension page. You can use it on Google chrome by adding to the Google Chrome install button or you have to install it.

When you have successfully downloaded it then the extension will be active on your system. By using this extension, you can delete all your messages by clicking the single icon.

When you open Facebook by using an extension then you see two new options on the top of the bar. When you use those options then your messages and conversations will delete permanently.

By using the extension, you can easily delete all the messages and the process is very simple, easy, and time-saving.

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