Now Chat On Whatsapp with Everyone Without Coming Online

Chat On Whatsapp with Everyone Without Coming Online

Instant messaging apps or social media apps are one of the most important sources of communication these days and WhatsApp is one of them. They can share contacts, photos and many other media with other people using WhatsApp by coming online but many people are privacy lovers and they don’t want others to see their status on WhatsApp including their Last seen, WhatsApp status, and online appearance. This is why they wanted to reply to others without appearing online on WhatsApp.

How we can reply to others without coming online on WhatsApp?

Some of us always wanted to use such kind of tricks because of privacy and some of us don’t want to show our online status to others because replying to others while offline will help us in many challenging situations. Sometimes we also want to see the messages but don’t want to reply to them then these tricks will also help you in this regard as well.

Many people don’t know the tricks or ways to appear offline while replying. But don’t worry we will help you in this regard. We will tell you the best three methods that will allow you to reply to anyone without appearing online.

3 ways of chatting on WhatsApp without coming Online

The 3 best tricks or methods for replying to someone on WhatsApp without appearing online are listed below. You can use any of the methods to reply to them. The first two tricks will work on any operating system, but the last one is for Android devices.

All these methods will work correctly depending on your phone you use.       

Method 1:

Use Airplane mode while replying

If you want to see messages without appearing online then follow the steps given below:

  • First of all, turn on your Airplane mode and turn off all the connections from your phone including WiFi, mobile data, or any internet connection available.
  • Now, open the WhatsApp messenger on your mobile and read the message.
  • Write your reply or response to that message without any internet connection.
  • When you write the response then close WhatsApp Tab from mobile.
  • Now, simply deactivate your Airplane mode and turn on your internet connection.

When you turn on the internet connection, it will automatically send your message to that person without appearing online even without a blue tick.

Method 2:

Replying directly from the notification panel

This trick will very useful for those who do not miss any notification from the notification bar or panel.

If you don’t miss any notifications then follow these steps for replying without coming online.

  • First of all, you need to swipe down the notification bar when you get a WhatsApp message.
  • Now, find the message that you want to reply to.
  • When you locate the message then there will be an option to reply, click on the reply option.
  • Now, write your reply from the notification after pressing the reply option.
  • When you are done with replying then press the send option that will be available next to the reply option on the notification panel.

In this way, you can easily read the messages and reply to them. When you press send icon then your message will send without appearing online.


Reply with the help of an Unseen (Third Party) App for Android

Chat on WhatsApp without coming Online

This is a third-party app for Whatsapp. You can read and reply to all WhatsApp messages by using this app. It allows you to use WhatsApp in incognito mode. When you read any message and what to reply to them then you can reply to them without showing up online.

Note: This is not effective for group messages.

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