Best Places to Buy Solar Panels in Pakistan? Solar Panel Price

Best Places to Buy Solar Panel in Pakistan

Solar Panel was introduced in the 2010s in the local markets of Pakistan. Most people have bared a time investment in solar panels and now they are free of tension about electricity. Electricity was a major issue for Pakistan but solar panel is trying to fulfill the need for electricity with new technologies.

In the fast-growing world, there are smart technologies updating solar panels. Solar panels have been adopted because of the independent grid, lower electricity bills, and multiple reasons.

The solar panel System has become the basic need of different countries across the world because of load-shedding and doesn’t have electricity in rural areas. Nowadays most people rely on solar panels, especially in Pakistan because of the high bill rate and of load-shedding without any timetable.

In Pakistan, there are different types of solar panels For Homes, and every panel has different types of features that fulfill different needs of the customers. The basic purpose of these solar panels is to provide electricity without any break. Here we will discuss where to buy the best solar panel in Pakistan.

Everybody has different needs for solar panels and keeping the view of customer needs we will describe the best places Where you can Buy Low Price solar panel in Pakistan.

The solar panel mostly used in Pakistan are of the following types

  • Mono-crystalline solar panels
  • Poly-crystalline solar panels

Mono-crystalline solar panel in Pakistan:

Mono-crystalline solar panels are made from single-crystal silicon and have a good capacity of output because of the highest grade silicon used in its manufacturing.

It required less space and was very good in performance. If your house roof is limited and you want more efficient output for your house then mono-crystalline solar panels are best for these conditions. The price of mono-crystalline solar panels is more expensive than the rest of the solar panels.


Mono-crystalline solar panels have 25 years warranty on the basis of their performance it gives 90% output up to 10 years and 80% output till the remaining years of its warranty.

Poly-crystalline solar panel in Pakistan:

As the name suggests that Poly-crystalline solar panels are made from multiple silicons. The price of polycrystalline solar panels is less than of mono-crystalline solar panels.

Poly-crystalline solar panels required more space and have less efficient performance as compared to mono-crystalline solar panels. If you have a larger house roof space then the poly-crystalline solar panel is suitable for these conditions.


Poly-crystalline solar panels have also 25 years warranty from the manufacturer, its performance could be maintained if you take care it properly.

Mono-crystalline vs Poly-crystalline solar panels

                                  Mono-crystalline solar panels                           Poly-crystalline solar panels
Construction              single crystalline solar cell                                 Multi-crystalline solar cell
Efficiency                     more efficient                                                      less efficient
Cost                               more expensive                                                   less expensive in cost
Space                             less space required                                             more space required
Longevity                       25 years warranty                                                 25 years warranty  
  Colors                              blackish hue                                                          bluish hue

Top Solar Selling Companies in Pakistan

There are a lot of places where you can buy solar panels but when you are recommended by someone which is the best place for you to buy the Best solar panels then you will be more confident about your purchasing.

Pakistan solar services:

Pakistan solar services is one of the best solar panel-selling companies in Pakistan and their aim is to kill the basic need of the users while having reasonable prices. This company warranties its products in terms of equipment and performance.

You can see their products by visiting their official site and can purchase solar panels whatever you like.

They have high-quality solar panel brands which are following

  • Solar world solar panels
  • Canadian solar panels
  • BLD solar panels
  • Renesola solar panels
  • Jinko solar panels
  • PV matrix solar panels 

W11 stop:

W11 is one of the top sites for selling solar panel in Pakistan. They have unique products at reasonable prices and you can easily found there your desire-able product. The top brands which they have an agreement with them are given below

  • Trina solar
  • Jinko solar
  • Tesla solar
  • Inverex
  • CSUN solar

They have categorized their products on the basis of prices and top-quality brands. You can visit that site and can easily make deal with them. W11 has a wide range of their products in every city like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, Quetta or anywhere in Pakistan. They have A-grade solar panels and commercial solar panels for home and business use.

You can make contact with them and visit their office at “6-U Block 6, PECHS Karachi Pakistan” for your self-satisfaction. The satisfaction of the customer is their first priority.


Sky-electric is also one of the top brands for solar panels with smart technologies. Sky-electric basically works on the net –metering and 24/7 NOC monitoring. They have a vision of providing reliable energy to the developing world through innovations.

What is NOC?

The central component of a smart solar system is Network Operations Center (NOC) and it is monitored by their NOC Engineers. This system has all access to power and the health of your solar system. If there is found any issue in your smart solar system then it is remotely diagnostic by NOC engineers and can be resolved from sitting there.

What is net metering?

Net-metering is the billing mechanism that credits the owner of the solar system to add the grid. Net-metering allows the user to produce clean and efficient electricity. During the day solar panels produce more energy than their consume, and the net meter allows them to export their energy to the grid and gives the customer to control over electricity bills.  

Solar panels price in Pakistan

Solar panels quality                                                    Price per watt                Life span of solar panels
A grade branded solar panel                                     45 to 55                            20 to 25 years
A grade China factory-made solar panel                  35 to 45                            10 to 15 years
Local-made solar panels and used solar panels       25 to 35                           1 to 5 years

Here all of the information is provided to you about the best places where you can buy solar panels. Make deal with them and fetch your solar panel according to project density. I hope that the information I have provided to you will be quite helpful in your purchasing or selection of solar panels.

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