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10 Best Camera Apps for Android to Take Better Pictures

Best Camera Apps For Android

The trend of selfies and pictures is on peak nowadays. Every smartphone company tries to provide a better camera on their smartphone as it is a much bigger thing for users than other specifications of smartphones.  Companies are working very hard to make their cameras work well in low light, durable, and have better zoom quality.  The main point is that cameras play a backbone role in smartphones nowadays.

Due to the popularity of social apps young generation is now taking too much interest in sharing their daily life activities through mobile cameras.

To get likes and comments on popular apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, they can do anything to capture a perfect moment.  they invest huge money and time and also they go to many different places to make the perfect moment.

To capture those perfect moments you can also download third-party camera apps for android that can boost up your camera.  An original camera app is very suitable for mobiles but one thing to mention built-in camera app cannot be improved and it doesn’t come with a lot of filters and other functions as well.

As there are a lot of third-party apps for Android you can download we have shortlisted the 10 best camera apps for android that gives you the shots you wish for and contain other many good features to make your pictures look as it is taken with a professional camera.

Google Camera

Everyone knows about Google, so their camera does the best as their browser. In google pixel, this app is already installed as the default camera app and on the other, you can download this google camera app from the play store.

Google Camera

This app comes with amazing features like neural core, top shot, super res zoom, HDR plus, smart burst, and many more.  You can download this app for free from the play store.  After using this app you never need to use your eye-disturbing flashlight again as GCamera can capture extravagant shots.  The night features disclose minor colors and details that get away in the night/ dark.

Another best feature of this app is superzoom, with superzoom you can take your zooming photos with no blur. Moreover, you can also take photos with bokeh mode through this app.

Adobe photoshop cameraAdobe photoshop camera

So this very popular editor camera app from adobe allows you to add the most and best-suited effects and filters to your pictures even before taking them. Through this app, you can show off your groundbreaking style with more than hundreds of Insta-worthy, editors’ choices, sports, and aesthetic filters encouraged by your most liked influencers and artists.

The main benefit of having this app is that you don’t need to master the skill of Photoshop to use it as you need to do it on a PC, the interface is user-friendly and very easy. This app is loaded with some amazing and exciting AI-powered features that help you in selecting the most appropriate lens and take perfect and impressive bokeh, portrait, scenery shots, and cool selfies.


This beauty app from Cymera is wonderful for taking instant and perfect selfies. The special effect of this camera remove sport and other blemish and make your face look charming. For a perfect face photo, this app follows 5 different steps to process the image.

Cymera Camera app

You can also blur the background to make it more perfect. Cymera consists of one hundred thirty filters with seven fascinating and different camera lenses. If you do not want to disturb anybody with clicky capture sound you can also enable silent mode.

Bluetooth mode is also available, so don’t worry to take pictures with a selfie stick. You can also improve pictures and make them look more cool with trendy animal masks ( perfect for covid), stickers, light effects, frames, and filters.

This app also comes with language support for English, Korean, Japanese, German, Chinese ( simplified and traditional), Portuguese, Thai, Indonesian, Russian, Vietnamese, and Turkish.

Camera 360

Camera 360 is one of the smart that we found. The interface of this app is user-friendly, smart, and simple. Camera 360 can spice up your pictures with color and lighting just similar to Picsart studio and Adobe photoshop.

This application is not less than a perfect photo camera application and is the best due to its unique era switching, wide filter, double exposure, sharing and organizing functionality, and also quick selective adjustment.  This app also allows you to edit your existing photos and you can also do manual editings like white balance, exposure, and saturation. The major missing for this app is the bokeh and tilt mode function.

Camera 360 app for android

Candy camera

Candy camera is very popular and offers a variety of photography settings and modes. For photography and pro enthusiasts, their premium version offers more things. Candy camera is perfect for mobile selfies and you can use this software anywhere, anytime, and no additional editing is needed.

Before taking a selfie you can do thousands of settings according to your need. The hundred effects and filters make the picture astonishing. Candy camera has everything you needed including photo stacking, photo saving automatic or to your desired location, and mute modes so the people around you never get disturbed.

It also comes with beauty features such as face slimming tools, make-up tools, stickers, etc.

Candy Camera android appRetrica

Retrica is not less than a social app, you can discover new interesting people and mesmerizing filters. In a filter editor like this, you can discover a hundred plus filters. You can also add stickers or doodles, and by pressing long you can make a video. Amazing GIF is also available.


The best thing about this camera is that you can meet and discover new people, just like other social media apps you can also send private selfies and messages to them.

Beauty Plus

As the name declares that this app is used for beauty. By using this app you can look more gorgeous and charming in your picture. It includes more than a hundred makeup filters and styles. You can look great in your selfie in seconds like never before. You can also add text, and stickers to your image, or you can also remove the unwanted objects from the picture.

Beauty Plus

Creating natural and stunning video and picture selfies is not easy to make before. With their perfect editor, you can also remove blemishes, pimples, or acne, brighten eyes, smooth and natural skin, whiten teeth, using every color lipsticks, reshape the body, special effects, and apply filters, add a stamp, doodle effect, and more to make your photos look great.

Zoom FX premium

For android, Zoom FX premium provides the best DSLR camera features. Many types of shots can be taken with this app including photo composition, filters, stable shots, action shots, and many more.  You can control this app manually just exactly like a professional DSLR camera, this app allows you to set shutter speed, ISO, focus, and white balance. You can also capture RAW pictures.

Zoom FX premium

This application is unique and amazing with features like live effect, custom folder, flash control mode, 360 level, grid overlay, and silent camera mode features.  Due to these mesmerizing features, it is considered and pro and the best manual camera app for Android.


Pixitica delivers a lot of camera control and capture functionality in a free-standing, comfortable, and single package. You can also control your camera manually allowing for focus, shutter speed, and ISO. this app is also loaded with features like a photo editor, doc scanner, hyper lapses, and panorama.

The downside is that you need to purchase the app if you don’t want to waste your precious in seeing ads. To make the image stunning it has a lot of goods and tricks effects.  Some QR code, slow-mo mode, and  GIF recording.

PixiticaMoment pro

Moment camera has a useful and great interface that offers a professional, polished experience including emojis and stickers. This is more popular for video shooting. The app works in the best auto mode without taking you into confusing manual features and controls.

Pro mode also delivers full manual white balance, shutter speed, ISO, and manual focus. HDR+ support is also available. Other features of this app include landscape and portable video shooting, slow motion, and fast motion videos, and a video editor.

Moment pro android camera appConclusion

So, above we have mentioned the top 10 camera apps available for android. We have mentioned all these apps after using and reviewing them. All of them are great but in my personal opinion, the Google camera app and Adobe Photoshop are the best.

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