About Us

Techbeast is a website that hits the upgraded technology of the 21st century. We are the actual providers of content material to ou Pakistani community inclusive of tech-based contemporary information, gossips about hot topics, a couple of products advice, Product reviews, pleasant technological packages and software knowledge. In case you are a professional or a novice, you’ll locate right here the right tips about technological changes and variations.
We have had this Pakistan-based startup since 2020 and up till now, there are hundreds of articles having up-to-date technological content material. There are multiple categories inside the internet site gratifying the wishes of each type of the customers reach our internet site, those categories compass ultra-modern news, call applications, Gaming, net programs, Social media, cell phone and the way to do. These categories are specially aimed to target a huge marketplace the usage of statistics generation. We promised to bring 100% real and proper information to our users. We’ve got strict rules approximately spreading fake rumors. We do not support any unlawful fall statements within the content material and this is extraordinarily prohibited in our articles. We do the right
research earlier than publishing any article on our internet site. The study is completely based on fairly actual and appropriate resources to avoid media manipulation.

Our Mission

Our ultimate mission is to make innovative learning for technology enthusiasts and provide them with fairly proper news updates related to all tech-based crucial issues.

Our Vision

We value technology and apprehend its significance that’s why our imagination and prescient for destiny is to make Techbeast one of the pinnacle elegance technical websites to bring technical changes within the common human beings’ minds.

Our testing and rating technique

Checking out is the first actual step in rating a product, after that its far capable of being published or being written something about it. Our professionals never write approximately any product which isn’t official or has horrific evaluations. Our main recognition is always to provide our readers with nice content material to boom their knowledge and increase their imagination and prescience. We’ve set a few benchmarks to rate the quality products, if they lie around the benchmark then we approve this for further procedures of writing in any other case it’s far rejected.

We’ve got a rating scale for product rating, it’s far stages among 1-5 and from fails to perfect. Our experts give scores to products from this scale rating and then make a choice whether to write down approximately it or not. The size range has under information:

  • 5 – highly perfect
  • 4 – perfect
  • 3 – acceptable
  • 2 – below acceptable
  • 1 – highly rejected

Our Experts

Umair Malik: He is a search engine optimization professional and deals with the SEO prospect of this internet site. He has 7 years experience of ranking websites to the pinnacle of most positions. He’s our core crew member and joined since the establishment of Techbeast.

Zain Chaudhary: He has more than 8 years of experience in the advertising and marketing industry. He is an expert in his field, and he joined our company in 2020. Since then, he has been performing his duties diligently. He is always up for new technological trends in the advertising and marketing world, and he imparts this knowledge to the rest of the team. Zain has helped countless businesses achieve their online marketing goals, and he looks forward to helping yours too.

Mirza Ali: Ali is our web developer with 5 years of experience. His abilities approximately website designing and re-designing are exceptional. He is the developer of TechBeast managing all technical issues inside this internet site.

Mugheez Ahmad: He is our writing expert with 6 years’ experience. He is highly enthusiasm about his work and has expertise in technical writing. His writing skills are exceptional and beyond the perfect level.

Saqib Khan: He is our writing expert with expertise of greater than four years. His writing skills are unbelievable and the manner he explains the concept is highly comprehensible to the users. Most of the TechBeast content material is written by means of this expert.

Syeda Arzoo Zahra: She is a writer with experience of just about 3 years. Her expertise is in product evaluation, product review and product description. She is enormously capable of writing tech-primarily based articles so that readers can without problems apprehend the crux of the content.