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What is a Aaghi learning management system (LMS)?

Aaghi LMS Portal 2023 is basically a software web application that ensures the delivery of your educational course, training, or program-related content while simultaneously allowing you to handle reporting, automation, application, registration, documentation, and delivery of the same.

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You can compare and summarize your E-learning in one place. All your E-learning is consolidated and consolidated into one place. All types of learning content can be handled, including text, PDFs, e-books, video courses, and documents.

Apart from imparting education, LMS systems have a variety of functions. You can have meeting notes, chat corners, discussion boards, and syllabus boards to have all information for the user in one place.  The Aaghi LMS Portal 2023 covers all aspects of learning, from overview to delivery.

Whether you run a company or an educational institution, LMS is essential in the digital age. A custom learning management system (LMS) allows you to impart knowledge with ease without allowing your students to endure the never-ending pain of working with one tool after another.

These systems enable you to identify the learners who need help, access the study data of all the students, and then modify the programs according to what you find out.

Aaghaz LMS Pakistan

AIOU Aaghi Learning Management System 2023

Students are eager to know about AIOU Aaghi LMS portal login online, so we’re going to tell you the learning management system has been launched for BED, Ph.D., M.Phil, PDG, MED, MSC, MA, and BS students.

There are many students visiting www.aaghi.edu.pk to submit their AIOU assignments on this page. Allama Iqbal Open University has established a separate website for everyone to use once they have been granted approval by the university. The university will provide each person with a username and password.

Allama Iqbal Open University has added a new feature or ecosystem to its official website in response to the Covid 19 pandemic so that all its students can submit their assignments efficiently and in two formats. The first format is Word and the second is PDF.

It used to be very difficult for students before the AIOU LMS system 2022 to send assignment workshops by mail or other document mailing methods which were costly and slow, so AIOU has launched AAGHI LMS to prove their commitment to their slogan, “the students are our most important asset”.

Since the vice chancellor believes that online education is the most comfortable for all students, he has taken so many initiatives to promote e-learning.


This Aaghi LMS portal 2022 includes what is inside of it, and what is it for.

Those who are studying the new elements of the Open University of Islamabad, the general education method, will find this very helpful. For indoor tests, the following choices are now available:

  • Home
  • Publicity
  • Number of attendees
  • Assignment numbers 1,2,3,4
  • Dashboards
  • Course Overview
  • Timeline of course
  • On improvement
  • The future in the past
  • Events :
  • My classes (national and international)
  • AAGHI educational curriculum
  • Consumer manuals
  • Learn from video tutorials
  • The digital library of HEC
  • Open access to E-books
  • Open the access journal

In the Aaghi portal support manual you will find videos in a variety of categories that will enhance the application process for new and old applicants at the fall and spring semester levels.

The Aaghi portal provides detailed support manuals for applicants to undergraduate and postgraduate programs so that they can keep up with their classes, certificates, degrees, and diplomas.

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How should AIOU LMS System assignments be uploaded?

Steps to upload the AIOU assignments are outlined in this article.

  1. By using this link, you can access the AAGHI Learning Management System:

AAGHI LMS ASSIGNMENT PORTAL: Log in to the site (aiou.edu.pk)

  • You will find all your courses on the Dashboard page.

  • Once you have clicked on the subject, you will receive a list of assignments for that subject.

  • Depending on the course and the instructor, the assignment list would be numbered as assignment 1, assignment 2, etc. You can see all details about an assignment by clicking the title, including the completion status, grading status, due date, and remaining time.

  • A new page will open having an icon of an ARROW when you click the blue box named Add submission. Select that icon.

  • You will be redirected to a new page named file picker once you click the arrow icon. Select your assignment and click Save changes. Then click Upload file on the left bar.


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The same method can now be used for uploading any other assignment.

Note: This AIOU Aaghi LMS System 2023 only accepts PDF or MS word documents for all assignments because they should be written by hand on any page and then transformed by any application or website into a PDF or word document.

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