5 Best Lightweight Antivirus for your PC or Laptop

Best Lightweight Antivirus for your PC and Laptop

Antivirus is very important for our PC as it protects our computer from harmful viruses. Virus slows down the performance of our PC or Laptop. It is necessary to run a good antivirus for almost every computer. There are many types of antivirus on the internet but some of the antiviruses are very heavy and they become the cause of the bad performance of your PC. On the other hand, if we use lightweight antivirus then it will perform perfectly on our computer.

Antivirus is basically a set of programs that are specially designed to search, prevent and delete viruses from whole computers including files, music, movies, software, and many others.

Best Lightweight Anti-virus for Windows and Mac

Here are some of the best Antivirus for you that you can use on both Windows and Mac.

1. Avast

It is one of the best lightweight antivirus software for you that is available for both Windows and Mac. Avast has more than 230 million users from all around the world. You can easily download avast anti-virus easily in just 3 easy steps Run, Confirm and follow the instructions.

It is not only a simple antivirus as it provides many other security features for scanning and the network. When we talk about the file size then it is only 4.83 MB for Windows and 10.1 MB for Mac.

2. Panda Cloud Anti-virus

This is another best free lightweight software for Windows and Mac. According to Panda Officials, the software has the ability to detect more than 250 million viruses. One of the lightest software available on the internet with a size of just 2.15 MBs.

One of the best things about this antivirus is that it is cloud-based computing. You can protect your computer by using this antivirus without consuming any extra memory.

3. Microsoft Windows Defender

This one is built-in antivirus of windows but is only available in Windows 10. It can easily help you to detect the virus in your PC and you can easily remove them from your computer. It will automatically detect the virus and update you immediately for further actions.

Windows official claims that it can detect 99.6 viruses from computers and you can delete them easily. During initial installation, Windows antivirus takes the space of only 4.28 MBs. If you are a Window user and running Windows 10 then this will be the best for you. You don’t need to install another anti-virus.

4. Webroot

Webroot is basically multi-vector protection that is available for both Mac and Windows. It ensures you that no file is having any viruses and if any threat is found then it will inform you immediately and ask you for further processing.

You don’t need to add any significant updates to use it and it is completely free to use. When we talk about space then it contains much less space on your computer disk. It only contains the space of 3 MBs for installations.

5. Immunet

Immunet provides you with a cloud computing security feature to protect your system. It is freeware software available on the internet using ClamAV and its own engine. The best thing is that the virus will not store in your PC instead of it will store in its own cloud. That’s why the virus will not affect your system. You can easily download it on your Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

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